Date: 25th October 2020

Time: 10:00

We are now able to offer a service of Holy Communion at 10am each Sunday until further notice, subject to restrictions on numbers, See David's message below:


At long last, we are able to gather in Church.  We look forward to celebrating Holy Communion

at All Saints at 10am from  Sunday 30th August.  

You will appreciate there are still restrictions in place so:

We will only be able to accommodate around forty people, depending on household groups, suitably distanced. This may mean we will have to put out a notice saying the service is full, and this could be disheartening.  We trust everyone will understand, but we will also extend an invitation to anyone willing to wait in the square that David will bring the sacrament to them outside at the end of the service. 

It is recommended that face masks be worn when we gather in church.  Of course, they can be removed to receive Communion.  

We are required to ask for contact details for track and trace purposes.  If you intend to come, you can bring with you your name and number on a piece of paper, or there will be forms available with the order of service.

There will be some live music, but regrettably we are not allowed congregational singing.  

We will guide people to receive communion in one kind (bread) and return to seats while maintaining suitable distance from one another.

Any financial offering to sustain All Saints is gratefully received, but at the beginning or end of the service, not during the offertory.  

We recognise how varied the pace of our return will necessarily be.  No-one should feel obliged to participate in any way that does not feel safe to them.  Many may still need to worship at home.  We are therefore  continuing to provide orders of service and recorded music on line as we have done while Church was closed.  We will not forget those still isolated.

I am hugely grateful to John Parkin and Jenny, Anna and Matt for helping everyone have access to on line information, video messages and services.  We are deeply indebted to musicians Ben and Clare, Sarah, Martha Ann, Phil, Chris and all our readers and pray-ers who have sustained us and our worship week by week.

For those who are able to come, I look forward very much to being with you and presiding for you at last.


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