Mission on the Margins

Description :
Run-down inner city areas are not usually seen as places for spiritual
renewal and encounters with God; rather they are viewed as places
where people are to be found whom the rest of society might wish to
avoid. Yet in symbolism and mythology, places of marginal habitation
such as the desert and the jungle contrast with settled human habita-
tions and are places of mystery and encounter with the supernatural.
Could the same be true of the 'urbanjungle'?
This book confronts the whole question of marginality and brings a
new understanding to the concept. It examines the affinity between
those who are alienated from the mainstream of society, and those who
seek to follow Christ's example of solidarity with those whom society
has rejected.
Moving outside the structures of society and offering a critique of the
mores ofthis world is seen as fundamental to the vitality of the church.
As the ancient desert was the place for stripping away false realities in
order to meet God so the urban jungle can be a place where Christians
can rediscover the vitality of the early church.
Mary Beasley’s excellent book challenges Christians to rediscover the margins
of society as a place of renewal and even of power; this is where the Church
is re-created and equipped to be itself. It is accessible,fresh and authentic, a
real contribution to new life for the Church.
Rowan Williams, Bishop of Monmouth
This is the testimony of a woman who speaks the truth about social work,
mission and Christianity, joyfully and with humour.
Prof. Dr. Walter J. Hollenweger
Mary Beasley moved from local authority social work to concentrate on work
in the voluntary sector among homeless alcohol and drug abusers, with the
particular concern of heightening awarenes of its significance for the churches.
She has organised two conferences on the theme of this book.

Title: Mission on the Margins

Author: Mary Beasley

Publisher: The Lutterworth Press1997

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Mission on the  Margins
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